Lead a design team and collaborated with Emily Griffith High School to update their website, brand identity, photography assets and a video highlighting their educational environment and emphasis on technical education.

EGHS is an alternative opportunity for students in need of a second chance that have dropped out of school or have struggled at traditional high schools. They have a passion for each of their students and really work with them so they might succeed and fully reach their potential.

The EGHS tagline is ‘For all who wish to learn’. We focused on that concept and presented graphics to the students and teachers, asking them to choose the imagery that resonated more with them when thinking about their school. With their feedback, we were able to develop a website, brand identity, photography assets and a video that was positive and inspiring, focusing on the students’ bright future at Emily Griffith High School.

Specifically on this project, I focused on the logo, graphical assets, color palette and overall aesthetic. I directed the overall design of the website and video – offering assistance when needed to make sure everything was consistent as a brand.

EGHS Promo from DPStv on Vimeo.