Cleverly Series


Cleverly is a printed series, a collaborative publication for creative women that showcases their stories and artwork. This publication celebrates women’s creativity, inspiration and journey in a tangible, permanent medium that speaks to and inspires women with any sense of creativity.

The Cleverly Mission is to uplift, encourage and empower creative women.

Uplifting women with stories of creating and making,

Encouraging women to begin creative endeavors,

Empower women to be leaders in their creative fields.

[Check out the first issue of Cleverly on Issuu or scroll down to view now!]

This series is a collection of publications, filled with stories and artwork that speak to and inspire women through authentic language and witty design. A series that brings women together to talk about the progress creative women are making in their fields and offers them a place to share their own stories about the challenges and insecurities they face as they develop their creative careers.

Because it’s not just about the successes of creative women, the series also highlights the challenges creative women face building businesses and climbing the ladder to lead. It’s about sharing our creativity with each other and inspiring one another. Cleverly is about collaboration and conversation through a tangible experience that is cherished and collected.

*This first issue of Cleverly was fully produced and printed for my final thesis project in Spring 2015. Over 20 women from all over the country and one in London contributed written work, illustrations, photography and hand lettering to further the mission of Cleverly.