1176214_10151870769592160_193589107_nDriven by storytelling, inspired by collaboration.

My name is Aubrey Hubbell, I’m a Digital Designer specializing in the user experience of things. Currently, working as a brand + user experience designer for our customers at Rockets of Awesome.

Through research, design, user-testing and a lot of collaboration, we provide a fun and convenient experience for parents and their kids.

Collaboration drives and inspires my work, resulting in a project that is bigger and better than I could’ve ever done on my own. My process includes research, ideating, wireframing, prototyping and user-testing.

Check out, Cleverly – A Series for Creative Women. I developed Cleverly as a way to collaborate on a larger scale with the intent to encourage and empower other creative women to start businesses, be leaders in their companies and to inspire other women with what they create.